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SCENES Introduces A Year of Living Inspired, A Blog by a Man Who Has Reason to Live Inspired

Dan Melligan has reason to be inspired. He's in remission for the incurable multiple myeloma. And each month, he's going to share that inspiration with us.

SCENES is proud to introduce a very new and special blog, A Year of Living Inspired, by Dan Melligan. Dan himself is an inspiration.

Here’s what he has to say about his new:

“My oncologist says the odds are good that I’ll live another year. After two years of chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I’ve battled cancer to a draw. The remission of an incurable condition. Each month my cancer ticks up a few points and at this rate, I should have tens of months before radical therapies are necessary.

Like Tom Brokaw, who preceded me with his multiple myeloma diagnosis and subsequent transplant, I’ve spent the past two years in a semi-fatigued state where watching television was my main occupation. I’ve binge watched every episode of nearly every series available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. And of the sports; I love the Spartan Challenge.

Now that I’m feeling stronger I’ve decided to live the next twelve months as inspired as possible and I’ve chosen the arts as the source. I don’t want the arts to be my entertainment, I want them to inspire me. To give me courage. To help me weep and, yes, to help me live.

In this remission stage, I don’t have the strength to build pyramids or take up triathalons. But at the end of a day of writing, I can take in a movie, listen to a Gershwin retrospective or play my favorite Santana album.

The good news is that you can come along for free. Each month SCENES will capture my inspiration du jour. Join me each month for that which inspires me…..

Looked to SCENES for my first blog. It’s on The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928). A film by Carl Th. Dreyer.”

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