SCENES™ transports you into the worlds of entertainment. Whether it’s the music Scene, the film & television Scene, the comedy Scene, the fashion & beauty scene, or others, SCENES takes you to places in these worlds you’ve never been before. Wherever there’s a creative endeavor that passionate fans want to be part of, SCENES provides intimate encounters with artists who fascinate us and unique experiences of their incredible work.

It all begins with content that the artists themselves produce. We invite emerging talents onto this popular culture site and SCENES other online presences, where they can go from being unknown to being appreciated by millions.

We source some of the talent for our company produced productions—such as, SoundCheck – The Performance Before the Performance—from the artists we first meet through their content. In this way SCENES provides a pathway for emerging talents to become break-out stars. We also work with seasoned talents—stars, celebrities and consummate professionals—to produce video podcasts, broadcast quality programming and more.

We are dedicated to providing entertainment of substance. Our goal is to elevate talented groups and individuals in every Scene, giving our audience the chance to join them on their journeys, as we delight in their work and explore our world together.

What’s your Scene? Find yours, here.