This Feb. 21, 2013 photo released by NBC shows Jimmy Fallon, host of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," on the set in New York. As Jay Leno lobs potshots at ratings-challenged NBC in his "Tonight Show" monologues, speculation is swirling the network is taking steps to replace the host with Jimmy Fallon next year and move the show from Burbank to New York. NBC confirmed Wednesday, March 20, it's creating a new studio for Fallon in New York, where he hosts "Late Night." But the network did not comment on a report that the digs at its Rockefeller Plaza headquarters may become home to a transplanted, Fallon-hosted "Tonight Show." (AP Photo/NBC, Lloyd Bishop)

Jimmy Fallon’s Top 5 Moments

Jimmy Fallon's is SCENE'S Media's Best Media Personality This Year: Counting Down Five Of His Best Moments

Jimmy Fallon! When the senior editorial staff at SCENES Media sat down this Friday to discuss our favorite media personality of 2018, the vote was unanimously Jimmy Fallon. The general reason comes down to one simple quality: Jimmy Fallon’s pure enthusiasm. Fallon is extraordinary because he profoundly appreciates people. This is not a late-night-show host forcing witty banter and clever skits merely for the sake of celebrity worship. Rather, everything about Fallon’s response to his guests and his fans is one of a childlike wonder and unbridled joy. Whether he’s listening to an uber-talent like Jack Black or he’s surprising a “regular” Minnesota family for a hot-dish dinner, Jimmy Fallon looks into the camera and says, “This is awesome! C’mon how fun is this!?” And he means it, and his excitement is unfailingly contagious.

And so without further ado, from The Tonight Show and social media, including Jimmy Fallon’s Facebook Live stream and Instagram, here they are: Mr. Jimmy Fallon’s Top Five Moments from 2018!

1. Jack Black and His Sax-A-Boom

The sax-a-boom, Jack’s Black’s one-of-a-kind physical comedy, and a funky sound that gets the Roots going. What could be better?

2. Back at High School with Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy and Kevin Hart show up unannounced to a Queens High School for the day (where the kids are super chill) and it’s better than you can imagine. Classic Jimmy Fallon is in full effect: he is having so much fun he looks on the verge of dying laughing in every scene. Impossible not to love.

3. Two Goats in a Boat

Seems to us that Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon were hanging out one weekend in the Hamptons and were inspired by each other’s genius (and generous) enough to compose, perform and share this ballad with the world, via Fallon’s personal Instagram. A thousand thanks for this comedic musical masterpiece.

4. Jimmy Fallon Surprises a Minnesota Family for Dinner

Three words: Jimmy. Fallon. Magic. Watch and you are welcome.

5. No Jimmy Fallon Best-Of List Would Be Complete Without…

Justin Timberlake, of course. When Jimmy Fallon won the E! Entertainment Television’s People’s Choice Award for the Best Late-Night Host, he called Justin Timberlake his soul-mate. Obviously, this was somewhat in jest. But the two have a musical and dancing synergy that is otherworldly, and so perhaps they are, at least, dancing and singing soul-mates.

By any standard, the two are hilarious and brilliant together. Including this video in our Best of 2018 list is almost cheating because these clips span many years, but it’s fair game because The Tonight Show posted this video last month. So we are posting it as a grand finale. Enjoy… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from SCENES Media! And thanks again for another great year, Jimmy Fallon.

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