Who Is Your Favorite TV Mom?

Our LA correspondent, Kirby Kristen, starts the conversation in this video. Who really is the best TV Mom?

Scenes Media’s Kirby Kristen has a solid representation of favorite TV moms going … here’s the word on the street from L.A. just in time for Mother’s Day!

Scenes Media Editors can’t sit this one out, however, so here’s our feedback on the favorite-tv-mom discussion and picks of our own:

Mandy Moore from This is Us: understandable. This is Us is one of the best television shows of our time and Moore’s performance is a big part of that. She powerfully plays a mother while not being a mom in real life.

Samantha from Sex in the City: disagree! Especially since Kim Cattrall just might have sabotaged the Sex in the City film sequel…. Mama bear, she is not.

Dexter’s wife: scary, no.

Wonder Woman: busy saving the universe, so, also no.

Sophia from Golden Girls: for humor, yes. But in terms of real-time mothering, probably a no.

Scenes Media has to agree with two of Kirby’s interviews with the fave-tv noms to Kris Jenner and “the mom from The Cosby Show.”

Kris Jenner wins The Scenes Media award as “The Most Impressive Mom from TV.” Whether it is a positive impression or not, Mama Kris is absolutely impressive: six kids that she seems to genuinely love, and she has mom-aged them all to success to the tune of a $100 million dollar plus cross-promoting media empire. And this Mama is not nearly done.

And Scenes Media declares that the mom from The Cosby Show should win the distinction of being “The Most Admirable Mom from TV.” Nominated for an Emmy award in 1985 and 1986, actress Phylicia Rashad portrayed Claire Huxtable convincingly, as a strong, intelligent lawyer and devoted no-nonsense mother. All the while, she apparently survived putting up with Bill Cosby. Need we say more? Shout out to wherever you are, Phylicia. And a Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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Who Is Your Favorite TV Mom?

Our LA correspondent, Kirby Kristen, starts the conversation in this video. Who...
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