Reagan Biopic Star Dennis Quaid Opens Up About His Struggles as an Up-And-Coming Actor

In a new interview with Megyn Kelly, Dennis Quaid, who will star in the first-ever major biopic on President Ronald Reagan, opens up about his thoughts on playing Reagan, his three divorces and overcoming an addiction to cocaine.

As The Hollywood Reporter announced, Producer Mark Joseph is spearheading the film Reagan, which will be the first and biggest narrative film on the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. Dennis Quaid will star, and Sean McNamara will direct a script from screenwriter Howie Klausner.

This week, Dennis Quaid gave Megyn Kelly and TODAY a personal tour of Ronald Reagan’s California ranch, The Rancho Del Cielo. The legendary 600+ acre ranch in Santa Barbara, is where the Reagans relaxed, rode horses and hosted guests ranging from Jimmy Carter to Queen Elizabeth. In the interview, Quaid shares personal struggles, including his divorce from Meg Ryan and overcoming an addiction to cocaine.

Producer Mark Joseph recruited Quaid to the project, and has been tirelessly working for years to develop the story, script and team. Joseph is well known for his media and film projects, but a lesser known fact about this producer is that he is also a political pundit and veritable political encyclopedia. To get the story and the evolving script true to the spirit of Reagan, Joseph has met with over 50 of President Reagan’s friends and colleagues, including Reagan appointees Justices Scalia and Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan’s personal pastor, in whom the President confided. Anyone who knows Mark Joseph knows that he is not just a collector of stories, but he is also a masterful storyteller, and so under Joseph’s leadership and with Quaid as the face, this film is bound to be a timeless masterpiece.

Mark Joseph tells SCENES Media: “Dennis Quaid is a gifted actor and it was hard to imagine anybody else in the role. We spent quite a bit of time getting the story right, talking to the people who knew him best and they often shared stories that aren’t in any history books. There wasn’t a dark side to Reagan, but he did lots of challenges and failures in his life that were preparation. Those are the ingredients of a great story.”

Shooting will start this fall with plans for a Summer 2019 release. Check with SCENES for the latest on Reagan, The Movie.

Reagan star Dennis Quaid and Producer Mark Joseph give Megyn Kelly a tour of Ronald Reagan’s Santa Barbara ranch.


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