When Humor Wears an Octopus, It May Get a Little, Um, Awkward

Taylor Hirstein doesn't believe in "in-your-face" comedy. He pretty much believes in "in-his-own-face" comedy as he so brilliantly reveals with his Octopus Prank.

Humor comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s in the form of a joke told on-stage. Sometimes it’s slapstick on a television sitcom. Every once in a while, humor saddles right up next to you on a bench, and wears an octopuss on its face! Meet Taylor Hirstein, also known on YouTube as the HumorBagel, one wacky dude whose humor seems to know no bounds. And when he sits down next to you, well, his humor may get a little awkward…but you’ll laugh. You can’t help but laugh.

Taylor is an Internet Comedian/Prankster and a rising-star on YouTube, who takes his comedy, pranks and jokes pretty seriously, setting himself a part from the typical YouTube-prankster who are often just pesky.

In a SCENES exclusive, he said, “Your typical YouTube ‘prankster’ gets a pretty bad reputation because most of them make highly offensive, fake, or racist ‘social experiments’ to stir a negative reaction. I always do what I can to separate myself from that type of content creator.”

And that’s what we really like about our new friend and funny man Taylor Hirstein. He’s a nut to be sure. His humor is really offbeat. And unlike many pranskers who may push boundaries and even force a reaction from the surrounding audience, Taylor doesn’t believe in “in-your-face” comedy. He pretty much believes in “in-his-own-face” comedy as he so brilliantly reveals with his Octopus Prank.

SCENES happily presents the hilariously awkward HumorBagel — Taylor Hirstein. Disclaimer: No octopus was hurt, injured or killed during the making of this crazy video! Taylor, who named his octopus Chewy, perhaps in honor of a Star Wars character, perhaps for some other reason, said his trusty straight man was purchased pre-frozen.

SCENES is proud to feature the HumorBagel. We invite you to visit him here each week for his latest wacky pranks.

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