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Watch “A United Kingdom” Trailer, an Inspiring True Love Story

Amma Assante, who made her name with "Belle," directs this true-life, international love story

An interracial romance in the 1940’s could alone provide enough tension for a drama, but add to this the man being the heir to the throne of the country now known as Botswana, and you’ve got a rare, epic story with huge stakes. What’s more, it’s true.

Amma Asante (Belle) directs A United Kingdom, which stars Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo. Slash Film calls this “a trifecta of talents who seem like they should be much bigger than they are.”

Movie Pilot writer Redmond Bacon says the film “surely has Oscar winning potential, especially with its ‘true story’ credentials.”

He continues, “The story is a compelling one – taking us from the rainy streets of post-War London to the wide plains of Africa. The message that love saves all is timeless, but the narrative is also rooted in a certain specificity. The director is Amma Asante, who made her name with Belle…The choice of a black-British director is a smart one, because it ensures that the racism both of them suffered from will not be toned down for the sake of its prestige audience.”

The film will first be released at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9. Then it will be featured at the London Film Festival on October 5. A US release has not been announced yet, but should be after its TIFF debut.

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