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“American Horror Story” Builds Mystery with Fake Trailers

Multiple trailers lead and mislead as to what the Season 6 will be like, keeping fans guessing

FX is trying a new marketing strategy for American Horror Story Season 6. Rather than build anticipation by revealing tidbits from a the coming season, FX is releasing multiple trailers suggesting entirely different themes and settings. Only one of the trailers provides a real preview of the coming season.

Slashfilm reports: “The upcoming season of the horror series stars Sarah PaulsonEvan PetersFinn WittrockWes BentleyAngela BassettDenis O’HareKathy BatesMatt Bomer, and last year’s addition to the cast of regulars, Lady Gaga. Some recent set photos suggested they’re starring in a season that deals with the mystery of the Roanoke Colony. In 1590, 117 people vanished from a colony in North Carolina, but whether that incident is a major part of season six is unconfirmed.

“FX CEO John Landgraf recently explained during a panel at the Television Critics Association why they’re keeping the theme of season six a secret:

’We decided, Ryan and I and Stephanie Gibbons, our massively talented head of marketing, that it would just be really fun this year. Every year we’ve laid out the themes and new genre. We thought it’d be really fun to keep it a mystery, so we are.

“Landgraf also said season six is set during two time periods, but primarily takes place in the present. There’s been some speculation season six will, in some way, tie all of the previous seasons — CovenAsylum, and Freak Show, to name a few — together.”

Screen Crush also shares their speculations. “…certain set photos did seem to point toward a spooky colonial theme, which could just as easily serve as flashback for a different idea. They’re going to ride this train right into the September 14 premiere, and you know, I’m starting to think it won’t take us to space.”

So far, FX has released 13 teaser trailers, with themes ranging from crop circles to swamp creatures to monster babies. The mystery will be revealed on September 14.

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