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Lee Strobel Is Telling His Story On The Big Screen

The former atheist that converted to Christianity tells his story of cross-examining a dozen experts to disprove the existence of Christ, but instead he finds such compelling evidence-opposite of what he intended. "Case for Christ" is coming to life on April 7th and we can't wait!

Today, I’m not going to write about Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lopez. I think it’s time to talk about a modern royal in the Christian entertainment industry, because some fan questions were recently answered in a “live tweeting session” with Lee Strobel. For some of you that are more familiar with the names on my other articles, let me introduce you to this atheist-turned-Christian, celebrity.

Lee Strobel is a former, award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune. This investigative journalist from Arlington Heights has quite a few accomplishments to his name including these degrees; A journalism degree from the University Of Missouri, a Master of Studies in Law degree from Yale Law School, and previous training in journalism and law at Harvard University. Strobel was a teaching pastor of a community church, from 1987 to 2000, prior to focusing more on writing and producing his TV show.

Let’s take a look at some fellow modern royals, that assisted in the making of this movie.

~ It was directed by Jon Gunn.

~ The screenplay is by Brian Bird.

~ The role of “Lee” goes to Mike Vogel.

~ It is Produced by David A. R. White

let’s take a tour into Lee Strobel’s “courtroom”, where the writer/actor/producer will introduce you to his journey toward Christianity in this retraced steps in “The Case For Christ.” Here are some of his answers to yesterday’s Q&A.

– Question regarding which chapter would be more striking to a skeptic, he says; “The chapter on death & resurrection of Jesus. They are COMPELLINGLY portrayed in Case for Christ movie.”

– Question regarding how skeptics respond to the historical evidence in an experimental age, he says; “Surprisingly, biggest group of people who’ve come to faith thru Case for Christ are 16-24 yr olds!”

– Strobel tells how the film “far exceeded what we thought was possible”

– He says “You can feel comfortable inviting non-Ch’ns (Christians) to the film. We showed it to non-Ch’n test audiences and they loved it!”

– A question regarding the use of his content in his personal evangelism, he replies; “I frequently use the evidence from my books in talking about Jesus to others….”

– When asked if the movie covers the important parts of the book, he says; “The film tells our story incredibly well; of course, can’t get into all the details the book does.” He continues; “But the movie does the hit the important points and makes a persuasive Case for Christ. Perfect viewing for non-Ch’ns.”

Now check out the official teaser-trailer for “Case For Christ” by Pure Flix!

According to Strobel, after his wife became a Christian, he interviewed thirteen evangelical Christian scholars—who were able to defend their views, due to the historical reliability of the New Testament.

Here’s a basic description of the “moving” story that is about to come to life on the screen, for all to see!

“Lee Strobel, an avowed atheist who applies journalistic and legal skills to cross-examine a dozen experts, finds life-altering and very unexpected results. The movie will retrace his steps in “Case For Christ.”

The film will be released by Pure Flix Entertainment and premier in theaters on April 7th.

What will be your verdict in “The Case for Christ”? And will your verdict determine the making of another movie in Lee Strobel’s popular series?

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