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Nick Kessler is Hysterically Awkward in the “Worst Interview Ever”

Country music stars have another thing coming when they sit down to be interviewed by Nick Kessler

Country music stars have another thing coming when they sit down to be interviewed by Nick Kessler, host of WGNA Albany, NY’s Worst Interview Ever show. They are unprepared for the sweaty, awkward host who acts like he has no idea what he’s doing, and asks questions like, “do you think that the back of your knees should be called knee pits, strongly agree, agree, or disagree?”

According to Billboard: “Kessler originally hoped someone else at the station would pick up his idea and run with it, but when nobody seemed willing to play the role of the buffoon, he took it on himself, conducting the first interview in May. So far, he has pranked eight country stars and is now expanding the concept to WGNA’s sister stations in other formats, beginning with an interview with John Cooper of Christian rock band Skillet for rock station Q103.”

Taste of Country describes Dustin Lynch’s Worst Interview Ever. “I really like your song, uhh, it escapes me right now,’ Kessler stutters from his notebook while an amused Lynch tries not to laugh. “‘Mind Reader!’ When you wrote that was that like literal? Did you know a woman who could read minds?”

“The conversation then takes an abrupt, but hilarious, turn toward the topic of psychics. This is where we learn that Lynch has never visited one for the sole fact that he is afraid of them. Kessler then pretends to have an emotional breakdown….”

Kessler has also interviewed Mike Eli, Trent Harmon, Justin Moore, Kip Moore, and Toby Keith so far. These interviews are well worth watching. Especially if you’re in the mood for a good laugh.

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