The Super Bowl Game Was Historic and Only a Performer Like Lady Gaga Could Deliver a Halftime Show Equal to the Game

It was emotional, athletic, unforgettable. Considering historic implications of the Super Bowl Game, Lady Gaga might be the only performer with the guts and gusto equal to the boys playing on the field that night.

The world is still talking about the historic happenings of the Super Bowl Game last Sunday, and, perhaps most talked of, and certainly, most tweeted about was Lady Gaga’s “revoluntary” halftime performance. It was a stunningly beautiful and patriotic, not political, performance, with all the spectacle one could have imagined.

Her performance was highly anticipated. In fact, pre-performance tweets about Lady Gaga’s upcoming halftime show broke Twitter records. She hinted as to what the audience might see. Her humble statement that there would be “some very interesting and exciting stuff,” was a major understatement. She wowed her captive audience for the full 13-minutes of halftime performers are allowed.

First, Lady Gaga appears on the roof and lights up the sky with a beautifully moving rendition of “God Bless America” and “This Land Is Your Land.” How did she light up the sky? Drone-Art! Hundreds of colorfully-lit drones danced and formed beautiful patriotic images as she sang. It was incredibly surreal.

Next, and this stunt was rumored about, discussed and tweeted ad nauseum (and I mean that in a good way), was the Lady’s entrance. So dangerous was this entrance, it was almost not allowed. She literally dropped from the sky! She repelled like an Army Ranger from the roof, taking a step off the roof like a bungee jumper, head first. It was frighteningly amazing.

Okay, it’s true that that launch into her epic performance, and, in typical Gaga style wearring nothing but cables was, in fact, a pre-recorded stunt. But hey, it was still impressive, and was reportedly a “better safe than sorry” move.  The possibility of unforeseen weather issues and environmental conditions could have ended that stunt if it had been performed live. And besides, look at what we would’ve missed before that wicked 20 seconds of ‘Poker Face.’

So, what was it?? Was it the outfits? The dancing? The songs? Was it the drones that lit up the sky with patriotic beauty throughout her performance? It was all of it. And it made her performance equal to the Super Bowl game itself. A feat!

My personal favorite moment was when she recited “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” before taking the jump onto the field. It was a goosebumps-on-your-arms and chills-up-your-back moment.

Overall, I believe the best-live song she did was “Million Reasons,” where she also played the piano and said the coolest thing ever at a performance, “hey dad, hi mom.” She ended the show by catching a football and making another jump down. The show basically rocked NRG Stadium.

Let’s look back at the highlights of the pre-game press conference with Lady Gaga:

  • She reminisced about Michael Jackson’s performing abilities at his own halftime performance, of stepping onto the stage and just “getting his head into the zone.” She definitely did that.
  • “I’m going to be taking the spirit of many performers with me on that stage.” She definitely did that.
  • “I’m going to do it my way.” She definitely did that.
  • She was asked a question about her relationship with Beyoncé and said, “She is always very inspiring and gives great advice.” She also made mention of her congratulations on behalf of the pregnancy announcement.
  • Lady Gaga appreciates her fans; “As much as it [the halftime show] is a great moment for me and my life, I really feel like, it wasn’t given to me, it was given to them [her fans].”
  • The last segment of the press conference brought questions on her preparation for the performance. “The preparation for this show, is the show-business version of the athlete. We have our own set of criteria that we go through, myself and my dancers have been training for months on this.”
  • In another interview Gaga says that part of her preparation for her very energetic shows, consist of cardio-wall singing. If any pop artist can belt out in a most unrestrained-way, dance like the whole world is watching, and wear the shiniest, highest of heeled boots — Lady Gaga can. That’s just who she is. Whether you are a particular fan of her music, you cannot deny her incomparable talent as a live performer.

No one will soon forget this halftime show, especially with her wearing those Versace silver boots. What some internet trolls are also not forgetting to do, is to body-shame Lady Gaga. They are saying, that she’s apparently not “in-shape” enough to wear those high-waisted shorts. What? Have you not watched the numerous interviews on how she prepares for her shows, by working out and exercising and staying fit, literally all the time? So why can’t they see the sacrifice and work in that and choose to ignore her stunning performance, instead? Gaga’s fans quickly took her side on social media, and fought back. So let’s just forget about the haters, because Lady Gaga is fabulous and internet trolls will be internet trolls.

What was your favorite Gaga moment? Did she surprise you with her non-political, but clearly patriotic performance? Did you suddenly want to go bungee-jumping? Yes, it was emotional, athletic, and unforgettable. And considering the historic implications of the Super Bowl game itself, I’d say that Lady Gaga might have been the only performer with the guts and gusto to equal the boys playing on the field that night.

In case you actually missed it, here it is again!

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