Thoughts While... Watching NFL Players Act Out

Thoughts While… Watching NFL Players Act Out

Thoughts while watching NFL players act out, working out, and working with those that are unemployed or underemployed.

Thoughts while watching NFL players act out…. There are those who unite and there are those who divide. Cheering those who divide does nothing to bind us to one another. Our strength as a nation comes from within…. “United we stand divided we fall.” — Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers

Thoughts while working out…. I have just spoken to a policeman I know who serves a bay area city. I asked him how things were. He told me that it has become very dangerous…people yell at the police every chance they get, and many do not comply with orders. The officers have responded by avoiding dangerous situations for fear that their career and livelihood would go out the window just for doing their job. Lawlessness reigns. Are we now getting the policing we need? Or are we getting the policing we deserve?

Thoughts while working with those that are unemployed or underemployed…. How many American’s understand the negative consequences of the 2,300 page (too large to read and understand) 2010 Dodd-Frank Act to job creation? This has been characterized as ill-conceived regulation that insures “too big not to fail” for large multinational banks and has choked off credit to small business borrowers, particularly to young growth companies which have historically been our job creation engine.

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