There’s A New Sheriff In Town, Folks! Things are A-Changing!

Headlines throughout January indicate things are changing in positive measures for the United States -- Thanks to our new Sheriff, uh, President.

Thoughts while sifting through today’s headlines….makes me think, perhaps, we have a new sheriff in the White House.

SEC Pick Is Attuned to Needs of Wall Street
Will restore oversight and reduce excessive regulation that has harmed the American worker and job creation.

Trump Plans Spy Agency Overhaul
Will eliminate bloat and politicization.

Battle Heats Up to Repeal Health Law
Democrats implement Alinsky (“Rules of Radicals”) Rules 3, 9, 11 & 13 and use FUD — fear, uncertainty and doubt — to get the public to believe that any alternative to what is known to be bad healthcare will be worse under Republicans.

Obama’s Final Regulatory Binge Gets a Rapid Congressional Response
House just passed a bill to nix “midnight rules” issued by Obama that would impose another $21.7 billion of costs on the economy and job creation.

There is definitely a new sheriff in town.

Editor’s Note: From Solomon’s Proverbs to Pascal’s Pensées, the short, pithy observation has been a valuable form of commentary on culture and the human condition. This article is taken from Thomas Loarie’s Thoughts While…series.

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