Thoughts While Dwelling on Wealth

Thoughts While… Dwelling on Wealth Creation

Thoughts while dwelling on wealth creation, enjoying Indian Summer, and reading Healthcare News.

Thoughts while dwelling on wealth creation and our ability to pay down the $20 trillion debt…. How has the financial industry, which shuttles money from one place to another, replaced invention and entrepreneurship to become the primary source of wealth for the “top one per cent”? Job creation which has historically been the province of small business has been stagnant for years. What are your thoughts. Obamacare? Federal and state regulation? Federal and local tax policy?

Thoughts while enjoying Indian Summer…. The internet, in my mind, has democratized capitalism and has provided a new source of personal and family income for millions…leading to a natural, organic redistribution of wealth absent government interference and tax dollars. Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, Amazon, EBay and others are good examples. Why then would city and state governments want to restrain trade and interfere with this organic movement? Many cities have attempted to limit competition for “protected” taxi drivers who have had a long term monopoly. Now, the State of New York want to levy fines on Airbnb hosts and restrict advertising. Are “progressives” really concerned with the “little guy” or is their focus on big business and unions who are big contributors to their campaigns?

Thoughts while reading Healthcare News…. Millions now have access to health insurance due to ObamaCare. But is access to insurance the same as access to healthcare? And is access to healthcare the same as access to affordable care? Apparently not. Healthcare premiums will rise on average 30-40% (and as high as 90%) this enrollment period. Is ObamaCare reaching its expiration date? Was this the plan all along?

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