Chip and Joanna Gaines

“Fixer Upper” Stars Talk Relationships and Faith

Chip and Joanna Gaines join the ranks of celebrities sharing their story as part of the “I am Second” movement

America’s favorite renovators, Chip and Joanna Gaines, join the ranks of actors, musicians, athletes and businessmen sharing their faith story as part of the “I am Second” movement.

A white chair, a black room and an honest story of faith are the simple but powerful ingredients that fuel the “I am Second” revolution. It started as the heart-child of Norm Miller, a Dallas-based, successful businessman, who was inspired by John 12:32 to find a way to lift Christ up that others would be drawn to him.

His vision was brought to life through the creative power of e3 Partners. Their team produces the series of short videos that feature celebrities and next-door neighbors sharing their stories of relationships, abortion, war, addiction, and affluence—to name a few topics—and ultimately, point to Christ as first in their lives.

For Chip and Joanna, their relationship has always been at the heart of their fame. It’s one thing to watch a good renovation, but to really love the hosts, to believe in the honesty, humor and beauty of their relationship and be inspired by that—that’s what makes Fixer Upper so successful.

What’s interesting about their video for “I am Second,” is that it’s the extreme differences in their personalities that when brought together, really helped to shape each other’s faith. For Chip, order became valued. For Joanna, risks became rewarding. Watch their story:

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