All Things Are Possible in Unlimited
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All Things Are Possible in “Unlimited”

Unlimited is a suspenseful journey with a touch of inspiration, starring Fred Thompson (Law & Order), Robert Amaya and Daniel Ross Owens.

Simon Orwell (Daniel Ross Owens) is an MIT dropout with a sordid past. He travels to Mexico to answer the call of his former professor, bringing the missing piece to their invention that has the potential to create unlimited energy.

The film opens with a glimpse of the past—an Edison light bulb glowing bright and the voices of Simon and Professor Vasquez celebrating, “We did it!” The light bulb is a symbolic theme that carries through the entire film, representing energy, invention, faith, purpose, and the verse “I am the light of the world” from John 8:12.

The scene quickly cuts to the present, where Simon, barely past the Mexican border, is under attack by a member of a drug cartel. His car is on its side in flames and gunshots hound him as he flees for his life into the nearby village.

Writers Davis Bunn and Joe Scott do a good job of weaving suspense through the film and raising the stakes with the ongoing threat of the drug cartel who want to get their hands on the “Unlimited” device.

They also provide a reprieve from the tension through the character of Pedro (Robert Amaya), who rescues Simon from the initial threat and brings him to the orphanage he works at. Amaya creates a likable character with amusing antics.

At the orphanage, Simon is shocked to discover that Professor Vasquez is dead, possibly murdered. At the same time, Simon is introduced to Pedro’s attractive sister, Sophia (Crystal Martinez), and Dr. Harold Finch (Fred Thompson), who becomes Simon’s guiding light.

Finch’s character is based on the real-life person of Dr. Harold Finch, executive producer of the movie. Dr. Finch was a NASA scientist, an entrepreneur of Fortune 500 companies, and a motivational speaker who has presented 750 free seminars sharing his “Keys to Unlock Your Unlimited Potential.”

The “Keys” make an appearance in the movie when Dr. Finch asks Simon to write down three goals for his life, and later gives him his booklet on the subject. His inspirational message is simple and to the point, without hitting the audience over the head with it. The dominant spiritual message is “With God all things are possible.”

Simon resists his talk of faith, and only seems concerned with saving his own neck and getting back over the border. Sophia doesn’t trust him and wants nothing to do with him. However, Simon’s charm softens her demeanor as the story progresses. Dr. Finch wants him to stay and complete the work that Professor Vasquez left unfinished.

Will Simon find new purpose and be able to complete the “Unlimited” device? Will he survive the threat of the drug cartel? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out, and lucky for you, it is available streaming on

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