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Star Wars Rebels Season 3-Not Just Kid’s Stuff

Star Wars Rebels season 3 is almost here.  Once of the best pieces we’ve gotten from the Disney takeover of our favorite galaxy far, far away is Star Wars Rebels.  An ambitious animated series that probes the beginnings of the Rebellion with strong characters and rich storytelling, Rebels draws you in, young or old.  Creator Dave Filoni is a seasoned show runner after Clone Wars, but Rebels seems to excel where the other got bogged down.  We’ve been sucked in to a whole new side of the galaxy where a motley crew struggles with a fight that’s too big for them, but somehow finds small victories as they battle personal demons.  Epic trailers and reveals have been coming to us at light speed, and the new season has almost arrived.  Here are a few things to geek out about before the show premiers Saturday night.

  1. Admiral Thrawn is Finally Cannon

I haven’t read as much of the Star Wars expanded universe as a lot of my fellow geeks, but what I did read devour was the Thrawn series by Timoth Zahn.  If any EU villain was screen worthy, this guy is the whole package.  Ruthless, intelligent, cunning, flanked by a violent beast bodyguard—Thrawn is deliciously evil.  He was one of the staunchest devotees of the Empire, but also has his own agenda.  I’m thankful story writers at Lucasfilm mined a narrative from one of the best Star Wars trilogies out there.

  1. There’s A Doctor Who Crossover Again

After David Tennant had a brief stint as a Jedi instructor droid on Clone Wars, Tom Baker of scarf-wielding Doctor Who fame is voicing a force adept creature in the new season of Star Wars Rebels.  The clip on the link below shows his character, a massive but gentle beast called Bendu, who summons Kanan to impart Jedi wisdom.  He’s kind of a Star Wars take on The Face of Bo.


  1. Ezra is Struggling with the Dark Side

With his power growing, the young Jedi can move AT-AT’s with his mind and aid the rebellion with his prowess.  The problem—he’s holding on to a Sith holocron that’s tempting him to shadowy parts of The Force.  Kanan can see this, even though he’s now blind, and seeks to convince his padawan who doesn’t seem to want to listen.  Ezra has more encounters with Darth Maul as he tries to unlock the secrets of the Sith in order to destroy them.  The question is, will it destroy him?

  1. The Rebellion is Growing

As Rogue One comes closer too, we’ll be seeing more of the Rebellion’s back story.  In Rebels, we see the beginnings of a squadron with familiar ships in the Season 3 trailer, which also name drops another famous rebel:  Wedge Antillies, the hot shot pilot and friend of Luke who helps take down the Death Star.

Here’s the official Season 3 Trailer for Star Wars Rebels:


  1. The Best Droids Have a Sass Circuit

Clearly R2D2’s personality is a template for all featured droids in the Star Wars universe.  Enter Chopper, who, as droids go, is downright rude sometimes.  He’s the show’s comic relief and, as the episodes take an even heavier tone, becomes all the more endearing for his sassy beeping and violent tendencies.  I really hope he has a cameo in Rogue One.


Film has a nice recap video for Rebels Season 2 in case you need a refresher.  I did.



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