Tunes to Blow Your Speakers Out!

Summer celebration music that'll make everyone happy this holiday. Whether at the lake or at home at the grill, no party is complete without a playlist!

SCENES has rounded up some of the hottest music to provide the perfect soundtrack for you. So turn the

volume up, relax, and enjoy!

1. Canaan Smith – Country Boy Things

2. Carolyn Miller – Summer Time

3. Drew Baldridge – Middle of Nowhere Kids

4. Cole Swindell – Down to Earth

5. Haley & Michaels – Hail Mary

6. Gone West – What Could’ve Been

7. James Barker Band – There’s A Drink For That

8. Jenna Paulette – Blue Jeans

9. Levi Hummon – Drop of Us

10. Rachel Reinert – All We Have

11. Smithfield – We Make Our Own

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