Madeleine Besson

First Listen With Soulful Songwriter Madeleine Besson

Exclusively from SCENES, enjoy a first listen of Madeleine Besson's second full-length album, “Journey Home.”

Pop-rock singer Madeleine Besson is back with a follow-up to her 2014 debut, Blossom. The freshly-released album, Journey Home, produced with guitarist Dave Coleman, is full of original material that is close to Besson’s heart:

“The album is about taking a journey back to your own heart,” she says. “It’s about my personal journey of leaving France, coming to Nashville, and finding my home in music. Finding my sound. Finding peace within, too. Wherever we are, that’s our home. There’s some real depth to that idea — to the idea that we can have unconditional love and support for ourselves — and that’s how I approached the songs on this album.”

Enjoy the moving music from Madeleine Besson, in a first listen here, exclusively from SCENES Media:

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