The Krickets, Live Performance from Skyville

SCENES Live Sessions brings you another exclusive live performance from The Krickets, as they sing their soul-stirring song, “Voodoo Resurrection."

Favorite folk band, The Krickets are back with another live performance, recorded exclusively for SCENES Media, from Nashville’s Skyville. This song will make you understand more about why Paste Magazine has called this band’s music, “a truly stunning, one-of-a-kind sound.”

Band member Melissa Bowman, who in addition to vocals and guitar also brings percussion and mandolin to the band, wrote this for her late father.

Bowman shares that the song, “Voodoo Resurrection” makes her feel that, “as long as I’m playing music, he’s always with me- he’s always with me in some way.”

Bowman sings with all of her heart, “It’s for you I strum I the strings, you’re the reason that I sing,”

You’re really going to want to wait until the end of the video to hear the acoustic instrumentation and The Krickets’ four beautiful voices harmonizing.

“With this song you’ll never be gone,” the four band-members sing. Bravo, Krickets. With harmony and voices like yours, we certainly are not going anywhere.

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