Little Raven Grabs You With Its Funky, Infectious Sound

A floating tenor and Spanish-style guitar, a grooving bass, world-inspired drums and angelic fiddle-playing is the source of the magic of Little Raven.

There’s something about this band that simply draws you to their music. It grabs you. Their sound is completely uinque. It’s an eccentric blend of rock, folk and world rhythms. Little Raven brings a fresh air of finesse to the alternative scene with funky, infectious grooves, creative original songwriting, and a sincere interactive presence with its audience and listeners.

As sinsular as their sound is, their description of their music is equally as unique, introducing a new type of music to many of us: quirk rock.

Labeling ourselves with a genre has been an ongoing discussion. We kind of have to describe our sound according to each song we have because all the different feelings and tones and imagery of each song. We’ve gotten psych folk-rock, jazzgrass… even quirk rock, which might have to be our term now.
–Little Raven

Formed in Boston in 2014, Little Raven started as the project of singer-songwriter and Berklee College of Music alum Rafael Greene. After graduation, Rafael moved to Nashville where he began piecing together the rest of Little Raven.

Little Raven’s music is marked by Rafael’s floating tenor and Spanish-influenced guitar-playing, grooving bass from Keenan-Keaton Payne, world inspired drums from Kyle Edmonston, and sweet fiddle-playing from Camille Faulkner. The band has drawn praise from music critics and fans alike. On Your Shoulder released on August 15, 2016 is the band’s debut EP.

Some of their reviews include:

“Their powerful inner world is immediately attractive yet absolutely original.”
— Paul Desenne – Composer (Guggenheim Fellow, Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University)

“Catchy, complex, beautiful music that sticks in your head, and his voice is divine.”
— Rosemary Holland – former A&R director at Sony Music, New York.

“Moving, atmospheric, interesting, dramatic. Beautiful.”
— Fred Moyer, accomplished pianist, composer, producer, founder of JRI Recordings

“Star material! Beautifully presented, intriguing complex music.”
— Art Godin

“A singer/songwriter from some place who writes in some genre or other.”
— Rafael Green – musician.

Whether you are into the altnerative music scene or not, you’re going to enjoy this band.

SCENES proudly presents Little Raven Single Session of “The Code” produced by Amplify Entertainment Group. “The Code” will be released on Little Raven’s new EP later this month. For more information on Little Raven, click here.


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Little Raven Grabs You With Its Funky, Infectious Sound

A floating tenor and Spanish-style guitar, a grooving bass, world-inspired drums and...
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