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Grow Big Always

Just when you thought you were all grown up…

Sam Lawrence wasn’t content to be just a tech- startup guy. He decided to spend an hour with some of the most influential people alive today, and share it with us via podcast. It is his hope that by listening to these interviews, you will be challenged to use the information for growth in your own life. With his witty banter and wealth of guests divulging their secrets about in depth topics, Lawrence is quite possibly becoming the Iphone Oprah.

So far, speaking for myself, his efforts have greatly bolstered me in continuing on certain paths and helping me feel like I have a road map to branch out into others. Being a person who lives with R.S.D. (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) I was captivated by Lawrence’s interview featuring Wim Hof, a.k.a. The Iceman.

Wim Hof

Hof experienced the loss of his wife when she killed herself after being on opiates prescribed by her doctor. She left him with four young children. He determined to make it his mission to pass on a better legacy to his family than a future filled with doctor’s offices and drugs. Hof has made it his life’s goal to teach people mediation, a myriad of techniques that engage the brain and help to achieve mindfulness in order to overcome significant physical as well as spiritual and emotional obstacles. Lawrence and Hof talk candidly about how our brains are wired to help us through the most dire of situations. It is simply about accessing that power within us.

Grow Big Always will rarely disappoint, though be ready as it often over stimulates. In an era of shallow social media, puppy bowls, and selfies, this world needs a man like Lawrence to entice those of us who are still truly trying to play this game with full hearts. This podcast will help you to keep giving it all you’ve got and show you you’re not alone in doing so.

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