The Two Worlds of Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings presents an immersive world filled with beautiful landscapes, layered characters, and visual artistry that is nothing short of magical. The story borrows from Eastern storytelling techniques and world-views providing a fresh approach for Western audiences. Supernatural elements are mixed with the mundane in a way that pokes at a common longing felt across cultures. And this is where we find the real story within the story of Kubo: we, like the characters in Kubo’s world, long for resolution. Death is jarring and unsatisfactory. The living characters in Kubo attempt to give the dead a peaceful resolution by helping their ancestors onward to find their spiritual rest. As well, the conflict between Kubo and the spirits of his ancestors is a battle for resolution; to put to rest generational injustices. What we find in this stop-motion animated film is a deeply thought-provoking story that invites us into two worlds: the mundane world we experience everyday and the supernatural world we either embrace, ignore, or deny that provides the framework for understanding it. 

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