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Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum Releases a Faith-filled Solo Album

In the wake of a miscarriage, Hillary Scott was moved to create a gospel/country/faith album with her family, entitled “Love Remains”

In the wake of her grandfather’s battle with cancer and a miscarriage, Hillary Scott was moved to create a gospel/country/faith album with her family, entitled “Love Remains”.

Elisa Cipollone reported for Lifezette, “The idea for the album came at the time of her grandfather’s passing. The original plan was to record a five-song “thank you” to all the family and friends who offered support during her grandfather’s battle with cancer, which came to an end in November 2011. But the project grew into a full-length album.

‘We got to grieve and heal with the things we’ve been through as a family,’ she explained. ‘With our schedule — with me being a part of Lady Antebellum — and just how busy we’ve been for the past 10 years, there are so many moments I missed because I was out of town. It was just great to make up for lost time.’”

Hillary Scott gives voice and encouragement to those who are suffering through the storms of life. In her interview with Lifezette she said, “One thing that my mom has said [is], ‘We’re all either headed into a storm, in the middle of one, or coming out of one.’ And [we should] have our heart and our soul grounded in what we believe before crisis happens. It will shake you, it will break your heart — but you have a resource, you have a reserve to go to, to help you make sense of the madness and the chaos and the hurt.”

Cipollone concludes, “Scott’s decision to release a faith-filled album attests to her trust in God. She celebrates her Christian faith and leans on God during her times of hardship.”

In an interview with Music Row Scott described the process of making the album, and likened producer Ricky Skaggs to a pastor. “’Every time I would dream about this project, all I saw as captain of the ship was him,’ Scott says. ‘He’s not only the producer for this record, he’s the ‘pastor of this record,’ is what I told him. Every morning at the studio he had an encouraging word, or he would open with a prayer.’”

“Thy Will”, already the most popular song from the new album, was written as a response to her miscarriage. Here’s the moving music video.

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