Deepwater Horizon

The Real Faith Behind “Deepwater Horizon”

Deepwater Horizon is receiving very positive reviews since its release. Based on the true story of the disastrous oil-rig explosion of 2010, 41 miles off the coast of Louisiana, part of what makes this action-thriller so successful is that it does a great job creating emotional connections with each of the characters.

Real-life hero Caleb Holloway (played by Dylan O-Brian in the movie), assisted on set by sharing people’s stories. It was difficult for him to relive the events but he felt it was important to honor those who had died.

In an interview with Movie Guide, he recognizes the hand of God during the tragedy:

It was by God’s grace that the water was amazingly calm that night. It was by God’s grace that the supply vessel was on hand to help. Another miracle was how my friend fell into the water that in some places had burning oil on top and only broke his leg in the fall. I had in my hard hat the words to “How Great Thou Art.” I had shared the story of those words in my hat with Adam before the disaster, and those were the words sung at his memorial service.

He says it took a long time to heal emotionally and physically but ultimately his faith in God helped him process the tragic events.

He says counseling, Christian friends and Bible study have been the most helpful throughout the recovery process. Now he spends his life rescuing others as a firefighter; and he wants others to “know that Jesus Christ is our hope and foundation.”

Mark Wahlberg, who produced and stars in the movie alongside Dylan O’Brian and Gina Rodriguez, felt it was important to film it as realistically as possible. Though many view this event as an environmental disaster, the movie focuses on the people that were involved, most of whom lost their lives. In a BBC interview, Wahlberg describes the film as “the human story. This is about the brave men and women of the Deepwater Horizon who sacrificed their lives to try to stop this from happening.”

It’s possible that Wahlberg’s personal faith is part of what drew him to this project. Just a week ago, he filmed a short video clip for the Diocese of Providence Office of Vocations, attesting to the importance of his Catholic faith, saying it is the anchor that supports everything he does in life. Here’s the clip:

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