Avenger Full House TItle Screen
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Side Salad: Bite-Sized Geek News

I’ve culled some pithy little geek news tidbits for you.  Enjoy.

General Geekery

 Avengers Full House Opening Mashup

This is pretty much one of the best things I’ve ever seen from a fan montage. Do yourself a favor and watch.


A Tale As Old As Time

Beauty and the Beast Table Read Dan and Emma
Photo Credit: Moviefone.com

Is anyone else excited about Beauty and the Beast live action? Because I sure as enchanted roses am. Although Disney has more live action redo films skated than seems healthy, this is one I can get behind. The cast list reads like an Oscar party list.

And then this because they had me at Sir Ian McKellen as Cogsworth. 


Star Wars Galactic Tidbits

Star Wars Show Logo
Photo Credit: Youtube

The Star Wars Show

A bit cheesy, a bit of a shameless plug for Verizon, but packed with so many nuggets of news that it’s well worth the 8 minute viewing time.


SW Vader Comic

Darth Vader Comic
Photo: Salvador Larocca and Edgar Delgado/Marvel

This is a compelling review of one of the many Star Wars comic spin-offs. I read the light side version Skywalker Strikes and enjoyed it so maybe I’ll grab this one too. See what you think.

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