*WORLD PREMIERE* of a Stop Motion MUSICAL Masterpiece: St. Paul de Vence

St. Paul de Vence delivers a masterpiece of a music video for, “Your Goodbye” ... and SCENES Media has the world-wide premiere for you today.

Welcome to the St. Paul de Vence premiere of their brand new music video for “Your Goodbye”  exclusively on SCENES Media.

The stop motion dramatization of the lyricist’s journey highlights the frustration of not being able to dig deeper (the film subjects are, in fact, inanimate objects) as well as adding an affectionate levity to what is an otherwise emotionally-demanding situation.

AND NOW! This amazing team’s official band bio:

Originally born of the inspiring life story of lead-singer, Benjamin Doerr’s grandfather, the music of St. Paul de Vence followed the journey of the boy who grew up in the south of France, came of age under the Nazi Occupation, and went on to fight with the Free French, liberating France at the end of WWII.

Driven by a love of strong harmonies, varied instrumentation, and a narrative at once adventurous and relatable, the band continues to explore sonic landscapes, bringing a great dynamic with them from the record to the stage.

Having built their sound – and indeed their entire experience – organically, they continue to find themselves in inspiring performance opportunities ranging from festivals to living rooms, clubs to private events.  At the heart of the process is the never ending re-discovery of the human condition.

And now: for the brass tacks of this very talented team:

Band Members:

  • Benjamin Doerr : vocals, guitars, piano

  • Lydia Ramsey : vocals, guitars, banjo, trumpet

  • Kale Lotton : bass, saxophones

  • Keelen O’Hara : drums, keys, percussion

  • (session player) Johnny Bregar : piano, organ

Social Links:

        -Facebook: /stpaulband

        –Twitter: /stpaulband

        -Instagram: /stpaulband

        -Bandcamp: stpauldevence.bandcamp.com

And 2019 is just getting going for this band. Keep your eye on them for invariably more amazing brilliance to come!

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