SCENES Media Exclusive: Jay Psaros First Listen

Hear Jay Psaros’ forthcoming album: “The Trees Beyond the Town” in this exclusive first listen for SCENES Media.
Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Jay Psaros has announced that his 5th release, The Trees Beyond The Town is set for December 14, and he is sharing an exclusive first listen of the whole album here:


It’s hard to pick a genre for Psaros’ refreshing sound: the Boston-based artist’s sound is a blend of Americana, blues, jazz, jam and folk. And The Trees is getting rave reviews so far. Haley Lewis of The Bearded Gentleman might have summarized it best in her recent interview with Psaros: “Jay Psaros’ music puts me in the mind of making brunch on a Sunday morning, mimosa in hand, troubles fading with each crunch of avocado toast.”


You can catch Psaros on his limited engagement tour and see more of this rising star on his site. SCENES’ favorite? His video for “The Orphan” – Simon and Garfunkel, eat your hearts out:


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