#2 of SCENES Top Five Live Sessions for 2018: TRALA

TRALA! #2 on SCENES Annual Top 5 Live Sessions, Counting Down to New Years Day!

SCENES Media offices have been buzzing about the supersonically talented TRALA since we discovered them after their fantastic Live Session this year. We were moved enough by them to write a feature article about TRALA and find out more about their lead singer, superstar Moriah Peters Smallbone.

Jesi Jones and Julie Melucci joined forces with Smallbone, back in 2013, officially forming TRALA in 2017 and have been on fire making music since then. The band just released their superfun music video for “Gotcha” and the dynamic between Jones, Melucci and Smallbone is electric. We are looking forward to more from this uber-talented trio in 2019 …hopefully a tour dates announcement soon!



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