SCENES Live Sessions presents the New Original Song, “Heart Over Mind” from Presley and Taylor

This sibling country music duo is ready to shine.

SCENES Live Sessions presents the new original song, “Heart Over Mind” from vivacious sibling duo, Presley and Taylor. The sisters are joined by a five-piece band, and the song begins with a spirited violin that echoes the vibrancy of these twenty-something sisters.

The song is uplifting in tone and melody, despite the possibly defeating approach to abiding love: the irrational emotion and loyalty that the unschooled heart can have a possibly wandering lover. As they sing, “My heart won’t let my love for you change,” and their band-mate strums his drum like a zither, there’s a joy and an optimism in their voices and faces like nothing you’ve seen before.

About their music, Presley says, “Listening to country music growing up, we just fell in love with artists like the Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride, and Miranda Lambert, our playlist is a long one and includes everyone from Keith Whitley to Carrie Underwood. I wish you could see what happens on our road trips. It’s hour after hour of hard-core, stone cold, solid gold, country music (with a little Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston, etc. thrown in). Taylor and I singing the entire way.” Looking forward to seeing more music and joy from these beautiful singer-songwriters.

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