Pat Sansone of Wilco

Wilco’s Pat Sansone Opens Up In An Exclusive Video Interview

One of rock's best multi-instrumentalists, Sansone talks about his amazing musical heritage in Mississippi, becoming a Beatles fan, and finding his way to Wilco.

In this exclusive Scenes Media interview, Wilco’s Pat Sansone opens up and shares the story of his musical journey. From learning to love rock and roll through his grandmother’s passion for Elvis and his father’s role as a musical impresario in Meridian, Mississippi to the moments when he almost gave up the struggle to make a life in music.

Hear how Sansone formed lifelong friendships in the Mississippi music scene and how he found his place as the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist for Grammy-Award winning Wilco. With its worldwide following, Wilco has rightly been called one of the greatest American bands of all time.

This is a must-see interview for every true rock and roll fan.

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