Prita Chhabra Shares an Unstoppable Message in her Exclusive Music Video

Driven by a passion for people and a desire to bring a message of hope, Prita shares the first look at her music video “Unstoppable” exclusively with SCENES.

When her clear ringing voice explodes into the chorus of “Unstoppable,” Prita doesn’t take the stage alone. She’s joined by symbols of hurt and doubt. The painful circumstances that can stop even the belting songwriter in her tracks. These scenes represent a moment in Prita’s own life, and it’s a powerful moment when she holds her own circumstance out to the camera amidst a crowd.

Prita has been overcoming obstacles in her life since she started her music career. It’s no surprise then that her heart lies in creating music with a powerful message to strengthen her listeners. Her latest song, “Unstoppable,” is soulful and uplifting—a pop ballad with a story that tugs at your heart. The music video taps into Prita’s devotion to helping others overcome their barriers.

The video is largely influenced by her work with Public Allies, juxtaposing scenes in an all-but swanky neighborhood gym with more polished studio shots, “Unstoppable” reenacts Prita’s story of a privilege walk where you realize that circumstances beyond your control can either stop you or ignite you.

Like her music, Prita is bubbly and vivacious, but also very real. Sharing her heart for the kids she’s worked with in foster care, Prita says her music has taken on a new meaning since she started helping with the foster care system. She sings to empower those with circumstances that make them feel trapped. Her music video gives a voice to those who don’t always have a loud microphone to belt into.

“True talents are where you serve others with those talents,” Prita explains.

She recalls a time when her music career was blossoming. Prita was the first South Asian American Recording artist to sing the National Anthem for major league games. She performed for world leaders, fundraisers, and sporting events. This is when Prita met with a crossroads. Her Indian heritage and American musical sensibilities clashed. Growing up listening to American pop music, Prita wasn’t ready to embody the traditional Indian music style. She just felt unfulfilled.

Prita wanted to make a difference with her music and with her life. Her first degree was in Psychology, but she found it put too much focus on the negative. “I’ve always had a passion for helping people,” she admits. When she found herself asking what can I really do and feel good about, she found her answer.

She joined Public Allies and began a soul-searching training to equip communities for growth through servant leadership. Prita remembers a privilege walk that opened her eyes to the struggles so many face just to take the next step. This is what we see in the video—a reenactment of people standing both in front of and behind others depending on what life has brought their way. Her song, “Unstoppable,” tells the message of hope she found in that experience thinking the poignant line “I am more than my circumstances.”

When she began working with kids in the foster care system, there was no going back. “My heart is so full,” she gushes, bragging on her kids. In fact, Skyler White, one of Prita’s mentees is featured in the video playing his guitar and adding vocals. Skyler is self-taught and a talented young man, Prita shares. She knew she had to work with him. Prita is happiest singing for the group she works with, encouraging them with the idea of what their legacy will be. When they ask her to sing, she uses her voice to empower theirs.

May is Foster Care Awareness month, and the video release of “Unstoppable” is meant to celebrate and educate about this issue so close to Prita’s heart. 

Prita Chhabra’s “Unstoppable” featuring Skyler White can be purchased on iTunes here.

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