Top 5 Countdown Continues! Number #4… The West Coast Feed

SCENES Media counts down The Top Five Live Sessions of 2018.

2018 has been a phenomenal year at SCENES Media, especially for the talent coming through SCENES Live Sessions. For these last five days of 2018, SCENES Media will be posting a countdown of The Year’s Top 5 Live Sessions. The Editorial Staff met and rated the sessions on audience response; musical quality and presentation of and by the artist.

Yesterday, we posted that the #5 spot has gone to Eddie Berman. And the #4 spot of the Top Five SCENES Live Sessions of 2018 goes to:

#4. The West Coast Feed

2018 saw Seattle band, The West Coast Feed, explode onto the rock/soul music scene with its eight zany and talented members. Led by the high-energy Jesse Butterworth and his dynamic vocals, The West Coast Feed started assembling about a year ago and just kept adding members and instruments with them, including three horns, two electric guitars and lets not forget the acoustic-anchor of the band: the violin… between the band’s enthusiasm and unique soaring sound, it’s no wonder that Poproxx radio is calling them “the best new band of the year.”



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