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SCENES Media brings you a brand new performance of Adam Wakefield’s original song “Dust on The Bible.”

Nashville resident and “The Voice” star Adam Wakefield brings you a brand new performance of his original song “Dust on The Bible.”

Wakefield is a unique musician, summarizing it best on his own website: “All the country. All the soul. All the Gospel. Of Rock and Roll.” In addition to writing and performing his own new music, last year Wakefield filled in for Gary Nichols of The Steeldrivers and toured as lead singer/guitar player for their band.​

In this latest live performance for SCENES Media, Wakefield’s voice starts smooth until the chorus breaks into a thundering melody of emotion, and the violin carries the song’s nostalgia into our hearts. Wakefield’s lyrics about his childhood home are moving: “…there’s dust on the family bible, rust on the front porch screen… like some sad shop window scene…”

Wakefield gives Scenes Media an exclusive quote about the song that clearly has a special place in his heart:

“‘Dust On The Bible’ is a tune I wrote for my bluegrass band The Copperheads. It’s a tune about how your hometown always feels like home no matter how much it changes over the years. I feel like there’s a part of everybody that hopes they end up back where they started someday.”


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