SCENES Media exclusive: “Guinevere” by The Krickets, The Feeling of Home in The Sweet Southern Pines

SCENES Live Sessions: “Guinevere” by The Krickets will entrance you and leave this ode to peace in your heart.

The Krickets’ melodious country song, “Guinevere,” full of light and love, is probably a cry out to a wandering lover to come home. But the song, and the way that these four beautiful musicians perform it with a cello and three charmingly harmonized voices, seems like a universal petition for peace, for all of us.

Whether Guinevere is a grandmother, a weary friend, a lost child or one’s self, called to rest by a higher power, the need for repose, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, is a universal need. “Could you find peace here in my home in the sweet Southern Pines?” Yes, Krickets. Yes! And your dulcet tones remind us of what that feeling, however scorned by today’s world, feels like.

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