Jenna Paulette practicing with her band on February 17, 2018. Photo from JennaPaulette on Instagram.

Jenna Paulette Sings ‘Coolest Girl in the World’ on SCENES Live Sessions

Jenna Paulette sings ‘Coolest Girl in the World’ and tells us what it means.

Tonight from Nashville, Jenna Paulette is our guest on SCENES Live Sessions. This country western and pop artist calls her music “New West.” She sings “Coolest Girl in the World,” which she co-wrote with Jordan Reynolds and Sydney Cubit. Reynolds also wrote the Keith Urban song “Getting in the Way” and the Lauren Alaina song “Three.”

Jenna is proud of being raised in Texas, where her mother was the rancher in the family and her father traveled to do business in cities. She tells us about the adventures behind her songs, and they’re adventures with family and friends.

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