Quicksilver Daydream

Quicksilver Daydream Performs Psychedelic Jam Via SCENES Live Sessions

It was a walk through our nation's most creative musical period. Lytle's voice, his lyrics and the music all tap into the rich musical past of the 1960s.

A barefoot Adam Lytle, the visionary songwriter/singer behind Quicksilver Daydream, welcomed SCENES and viewing fans into his home in Brooklyn, NY. The event was a recent psychedelic jam via SCENES Live Sessions on Friday, June 30. And it was a rare treat — a walk through our nation’s most creative musical period. Lytle’s voice, his lyrics and the music all tap into the rich musical past of the 1960s. But Lytle’s creations feel as fresh as the present moment.

He sang four songs, two from his debut album, Echoing Halls. The first was “See All.” The second was the EP’s title song. Steve Matteo reporting for SCENES on June 29 said of this debut album:

“Lytle’s just-released debut album, Echoing Halls, is a tour-de-force psychedelic outing. It drips with brooding Gothic ambience, but it’s tinged with glimpses of sunshine. On a first listen, I found it hard to believe that an album this well-conceived and executed was a debut.

“What is surprising isn’t so much that Lytle has made an album that is an homage to the 60s. No, you’re stunned that he has the musical talent to create poetic lyrics, musical textures and songs which grab your attention not by screaming but by whispering.”

Next, Lytle transported us back to 1969 with an amazing cover of “Sail Away” the classic by Pearls Before Swine. It’s difficult to compare the two versions. But I enjoyed the Quicksilver Daydream version better than the original. Then again I’m a fan of covers. Use Youtube to compare the two renditions for yourself.

The last song was a complete surprise. It has never been recorded. So Lytle treated SCENES viewers to a brand new song. It’s called “Morning Comes Too Soon.” The first line of the song gives you a flavor of the intensity of Lytle’s lyrics: “I’d give up my eyes to see you dance for me once more.”

Lytle is all about the music. Perhaps Matteo was right when he described Quicksilver Dream as “a state of mind — the striking singular vision of one Adam Lytle.”

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