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The Sound of Siblings: The Maggie Valley Band

There's a certain magic when siblings play and sing together. The Maggie Valley Band produces melodies that tap into that powerful chemistry.

The best bands in any genre of music have an unmistakable chemistry which makes them special. The mix of influences, individual musical styles, and the elusive spark of synergy transform a collection of people into a cohesive group. One element of alchemy that results from a simple twist of fate emerges when siblings perform together. The intuitive, biological connection, particularly for vocal harmonists, can be magical. The Everly Brothers, the Beach Boys, the Bee Gees, the Kinks and even Haim reflect what can happen when abundantly talented siblings perform together. Newcomer sensation the Maggie Valley Band proves that point.

Wise Beyond Their Years

The nucleus of the group is Whitney Miller, who plays guitar, mandolin, harmonica and banjitar, along with her sister Caroline Miller on bass and percussion. They released a debut EP in 2015, Bring Us Back, which showed enormous promise for a group so young. They quickly followed it up in 2016 with another EP, Don’t Go. Their sound is rooted in gospel-tinged mountain country. The group hails from North Carolina and boasts a musical sound born out of heartbreak, wisdom and salvation.

The group has toured extensively, opening for the likes of Indigo Girls throughout the South and breaking through to the New York roots music scene as well. The group’s next album will be produced by David Mayfield, a songwriter, solo artist and Grammy-nominated producer.

What really sets the group apart is the almost chilling vocal harmony of the sisters Miller. There is a weight to the music here that occasionally echoes The Band at its best. The group’s songs are filled with evocative images of timeless struggles. It usually takes a lifetime to write the kinds of songs these talented sisters have already created. What is clear is that it won’t be very long before they are known far and wide. You heard it here first.

And you can hear them here first, too. The Maggie Valley Band will be performing on SCENES Live Sessions this Friday, June 9th at 12 PM EST on our Facebook page.

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