Jon Stickley Trio

Jon Stickley Trio Turns a Live Session into a Concert

Jon Stickley Trio rocked a long set on SCENES Live Sessions on Friday, May 12th. If you missed their captivating performance, you can always watch the video here (re-watching is ok too).

It’s hard to call Jon Stickley Trio an instrumental band.  For many, the term calls up images of elevator music and soundtracks that disappear into the background. This band’s sound refuses to take a backseat. Jon Stickley Trio is really folk rock sans vocals with a bit of new age jive thrown in for good measure. Each song has a distinct feel, tied together only by the three instruments used: guitar, drums, and violin. Lyndsay Pruett’s violin adds a layer of ethereal melody, while Patrick Armitage’s drums ground the groove. Title musician Jon Stickley plays in and out of the other two with a lead and follow rhythm. Since all three musicians come from a diverse background, their songs reflect a unique cohesion that shines through in their songs.

For their Live Session, the Trio performed songs from their new album, Maybe Believe, released the same day as the session, and available for downloading now. They didn’t just give you a quick sampling of their tunes but rolled out the music for a long time. Their session felt like an intimate home concert. The Trio filled the space with their full sound and drew the audience in with dynamic tempo and volume changes. The Jon Stickley Trio knows how to work a room.

When they’re not traveling the country, you can find the band at home in Asheville, writing songs and entertaining at local venues. They just played the LEAF Festival, a huge, artistic gathering that brings together music and culture. To find their touring schedule and more music, including their new album, head over to

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