Jon Stickley Trio

Jon Stickley Trio Brings Together a Fresh Mix of Instruments

Three musical powerhouses use their instruments to create a cohesive genre-crossing sound.

The unique combination of guitar, violin, and drums make up a sound you can’t put in a box. This is the music of the Jon Stickley Trio: a breathless frenetic energy with an irresistible folk vibe. With this eclectic instrumentation, their melodies wander between cultures and rhythms, pulling you in and making you want to dance.

With instrumental only tracks, the Jon Stickley Trio’s diverse musicality is the star. Innovative and genre-defying, their latest album, Maybe Believe, continues to showcase their complex instrumentation. “Jerusalem Ridge” feels like a folk dance riff while “Slow Burn,” does just that—presenting a melody that builds to a simmered crescendo. The third independent album from the group, Maybe Believe drops on May 12th. This is the first release after their popular 2015 album Lost at Last.

Based in Asheville, the trio is comprised of the title front man Jon Stickley on guitar, Lyndsay Pruett on violin, and Patrick Armitage on drums. Each comes from a deeply musical background that set their skills on a path to merge into the Jon Stickley Trio. Jon played his “rapid-fire flatpicking” in a couple of bands across the country before creating the trio. He creates most of the original music for the band. Lyndsay is known for her versatile violin prowess and also composes music for the trio. She earned a degree in violin performance from Belmont University in Tennessee. Patrick comes from a family of drummers and is a student of the band’s record producer, Dave King of The Bad Plus. Patrick’s musical background is diverse-he formally played for a hip-hop band.

The Jon Stickley Trio is a tight-knit group of musicians playing everything from gypsy jazz to ska punk. They’re redefining the traveling folk band as they bring their unique sound cross-country. The trio logged over 50,000 miles on the road last year. From music festivals to intimate concerts, you can find a touring schedule on their website, along with info and tracks from their new album Maybe Believe. Check out and their social media outlets to find the latest about the group. You’ll hear their latest music first on SCENES Live Sessions, Friday, May 12th.

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