Brie Capone

Brie Capone Brings Her Artful Soul to SCENES Live Sessions

Brie Capone, Asheville’s rich-voiced and raven-haired troubadour, graced the SCENES Live “stage” Friday, May 5th. 

Here’s the video link for your viewing pleasure.

What’s interesting about the Live Sessions, beyond the act of artists sharing their music is that you get to hear the raw sound of the musician—that pure passion when they get behind their instrument and just let loose. You can see the joy on their face and hear their playful interplay with the camera. Brie follows suit with a relaxed session showcasing some favorites from her new EP, Orbit.

Brie is soulful and layered. She’s mindful of tempo and volume just as much as she thinks about pairing intriguing lyrics with catchy melodies. One song she shares in the session, “Scars,” is a power ballad that shows her range. This is the same song whose video won the Judges’ Choice at Music Video Asheville this year. The more up-tempo “Vinyl” is a snappy tune with thoughtful lyrics, once again letting Brie get her smoky belt on. She hits low notes with a deep, full tone as well as she sings in her higher register— a pleasant and controlled vibrato. When she belts a refrain, you might have to adjust your volume. This girl can make an apartment room sound like a concert hall.

After a stretch of touring in NYC with The Humble Grapes, Brie moved back to her roots. An Asheville native, she slipped comfortably back into the local music scene, working with neighborhood musicians at Echo Mountain Studio to create her latest album.

Brie is poised to compete in the New Song Music’s Songwriter’s Competition at Asheville’s LEAF festival. After that, she’ll play locally this summer in intimate venues, then rock with a full band and friend Matt Townsend at a concert in July. You can find her schedule and music on her website at

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