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The Pinkerton Raid Brings It All Back Home for SCENES Live Sessions

The core of The Pinkerton Raid--the DeConto siblings--showed us how a family can harmonize talents as well as voices.

At noon on Friday, March 17–St. Patrick’s Day–The Pinkerton Raid gave a delightfully homey concert on SCENES Live Sessions via Facebook.

The creative trio of siblings behind the band, Jesse, Katie, and Steven DeConto, made an acoustically satisfying stage of their Durham, North Carolina parlor and sang intimate songs about their lives together as musicians and as family.

The blues and the grass roots origins of their music came through poignantly. Jesse and Katie’s close harmonies came right down off the Blue Ridge Mountains and swept us up to the heights again. Steven’s guitar, played with percussive flourishes, was front and center in the first number.

It was the kind of family pickin’ and singin’ that people used to enjoy, as long as there were superbly talented musicians at hand.

If you missed it, please click below. Afterwards, you may well want to go immediately to their BandCamp outpost and purchase the latest album, “Tolerance Ends, Love Begins.”

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