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Anna Vaus to Perform on SCENES Live Sessions this Friday

This Friday on SCENES Live sessions, we’ll get to see one of country music’s new contenders, Anna Vaus.

This Friday on SCENES Live sessions, we’ll get to see one of country music’s new contenders. When you listen to Anna Vaus’ Bathroom Floor, you’d never know you’re listening to a college girl. You’d swear you’re listening to seasoned veteran, a throwback to Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline. In this mournfully beautiful song, Vaus belts out “Even this soap won’t wash you off, I can’t get rid of you, maybe that’s what you want” like she’s a longtime fighter in the ring of love instead of just putting on her gloves.

There’s no denying Vaus has already began her climb upwards in the Nashville music industry. The first recipient of Miranda Lambert’s Women’s Creators Fund, she received $40,000 to attend Belmont University where she is studying music. She’s also played at the notorious Bluebird Café, and opened for Hunter Hayes.

When asked about difficulties and inspirations in her climb thus far, Vaus opens up that Nashville itself is scary, since there are so many people there trying to do exactly the same thing. That being said, she also feels Nashville is one of the most inspiring places to write songs because everyone is so kind and everyone brings their own unique thing to the table.

“The most inspiring thing for me has been something I learned from one of my professors Drew Ramsey, who is a songwriter himself. He told our class at one point two things that I’ve held really closely to my writing. 1) Be a fountain and not a drain. Whether that’s in writing with others, or just being a person: encourage, inspire. 2) Embrace your weird. I don’t think he actually put it that way, but he really inspired me to embrace the parts of me that only I bring to the table and that has completely changed the way I approach writing and I’m so thankful for that.”

Watch her performance this Friday at 12 PM EST on SCENES Facebook page.

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