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The Kate Hasting Band: From Farm Life to Nashville to Scenes Media

Country music artists Kate Hasting and Josh Beale are partners in The Kate Hasting Band. Their musical adventure led to Nashville. Now you get to meet them here on Scenes Media.

Kate Hasting and Josh Beale are partners in The Kate Hasting Band. Both Kate and Josh grew up on farms in the Midwest. Their musical adventure began in New Carlisle, Ohio and led them the country music capital Nashville, where they now live, play and make independent records. One of their special projects was taking the stage with Collin Raye and Paul Cummings to raise money for the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, which helps firefighters who suffer from PTSD and depression. They tour the USA and now you get to meet them here on SCENES Live Sessions, so please click the video’s megaphone button to turn on the sound.

Scenes popup video Featuring The Kate Hasting Band

SCENES Popup Sessions featuring The Kate Hasting Band.

Posted by SCENES on Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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