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The Man in the High Castle is a Timely Warning Against Big Government

Amazon's Emmy Award-winning television series provides a timely commentary and warning on the dangers of centralized governments and socialized healthcare.

Amazon’s original 2-time Emmy Award-winning Sci-fi drama, The Man in the High Castle, is a veritable feast for the eyes and intellect. By executive producer Ridley Scott, it has a fascinating premise of a post-WWII dystopian society, stunning visual effects and incredible performances by an all-star cast. It also provides a timely commentary and warning on the dangers of centralized governments and socialized healthcare.

In today’s very polarized political climate, there are calls from the Left for a more powerful, patriarchal and centralized government that provides for our every need. Free college, free healthcare, free phones as well as food and housing provided not only for those in need, but for those who don’t want to be, as Nancy Pelosi so eloquently said “job-locked.”

However, the reality is that the very people who want freedom from job-lock, to be uninhibited and free to do whatever they please, whenever they please, ironically, and consistently vote for a model of government that will eventually subvert their desires to meet its own objectives.  It’s called centralized government. And by the very definition, a centralized government (which includes autocracies and totalitarian governments) goes against everything for which America stands. And yet, we have that left-wing ever dragging us to the left. So let’s continue on that path for a moment. Let’s let the state take care of us. The first thing we lose is all of our freedoms. That’s how a centralized government works.

The Man in the High Castle serves as a dramatic warning about the end result of a desire to be taken care of by the State. The profound message is that the State will take care of you, but on its own terms and not necessarily in the way you would like or prefer. The state-run medical system in the Reich plays a prominent role in Seasons 1 and 2. Just like in real Nazi-Germany, there is a zero-toleration policy on incurable illness, physical deformity and disabling injury. “Useless eaters,” as the weak are called, are exterminated to preserve the economic stability and physical purity of the Reich.

Back to real life for a moment… The same people who call for a “centralized-type” government also tend to advocate on behalf of socialized medicine, or, in the case of our country, Obamacare. However, they either ignore or are ignorant of the possible consequences of setting this type of precedent. Socialized healthcare could be seen as the first freedom we are giving up. When the government provides healthcare, it will naturally want to know what its money is being spent on and will have the power to make determinations about who gets care, how long they receive that care, and what types of treatments they are given.

Again, the State will take care of you, but on its own terms and not necessarily in the way you would like or prefer.  Medicare is an example of this phenomenon.  When an elderly person gets injured and needs to go to a nursing facility, the State is concerned with cost first while the well-being and recovery of that individual is secondary. What happens when the financial burden of providing socialized healthcare becomes too great? Will the government begin making executive decisions about whose life is more valuable, whose illness is treatable and who is a “lost cause?”

The best option for safeguarding the sanctity of human life and individual choice is a privatized healthcare system driven by competition between insurance providers. Not socialized medicine.

Thankfully, the American people seem to be waking up to these realities and possibilities.  President-elect Trump’s victory is due mainly to a rejection of these liberal ideals and a reaction to the negative effects that have already been experienced because of Obamacare and a too-powerful and overreaching federal government.  Perhaps the viral enthusiasm for The Man in the High Castle is part of this reaction — a seal of approval for a show that is not only entertaining but thought-provoking and insightful. It’s also been called one of the best shows on television. Regardless of your political opinions, you won’t want to miss it.

It streams on Amazon Prime.

*Quote in title credited to John Dalberg-Acton.

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