SCENES Media wants to blow open the format of the daily, digital magazine by opening our platform to a creative community.

We seek writers on film, television, animation, music, social media, games, technology, entertainment, and emerging digital platforms.

Bloggers are compensated through revenue sharing.

We are also interested—very interested—in the following:

Short films: Everything from documentaries and investigative reporting to mash-ups and vines.
Social media items: Productions that make us laugh and we haven’t already seen a hundred times. Keep it fresh!
Spotify playlists: Play DJ and knock us out with a thematic, period, or idiomatic list. For example, “The Best Saxophone Solos Ever,” or “The Heavyweight Beat Box Champions of the World.” You get the idea.
Original music and songs of all types.
Long form articles on broad cultural issues. Contrary to public opinion, many people will read long form articles on the internet. In fact, their click-through rates on Facebook are just as good as short form pieces. Readership and viewership depends on the subject and how it is executed.

Note well: We do not do op-eds. Mainly, because the media are saturated with partisan attacks and counter-attacks, while original long form reporting and thought-pieces have relatively few homes.

Profiles of and interviews with celebrities and other noteworthy people.
Scoops in entertainment news.
Leads If you know of a story we should cover, let us know.

Unsolicited contributions are not compensated at this time. We look forward to that changing.

All queries or submissions should be sent to CEO & Publisher Harold Fickett at or submitted through the contact form below.

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