SCENES Media is an online daily devoted to entertainment and culture. We discover and celebrate works of the imagination that render the human experience in all its comic and dramatic glory; those that remind us of what makes living worthwhile. Whether these products provoke belly laughs or anguish—or both at the same time—they speak to who we are and what we most want. Their beauty reflects the transcendent, even when they explore the darkness of the human heart and the brokenness of our world; or the Keystone-Cops-way that life often comes at us.

Similarly, seeking out the underlying truth of the way we live today inspires our offerings about culture.

We are also a creative community, as we learn, in this digital world, of how permeable the boundaries of creators and consumers can be. We want to blow out the parameters of the daily magazine format through featuring original music, films, videos, social media items, games, playlists, etc., while keeping our pledge to publish only the good stuff.

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