Tim Tebow: Taking On Tinseltown

Television and film are the most recent conquests for this elite two-sport athlete and media personality.

By Chad Bonham

There are high achievers in this world, and then there’s Tim Tebow. A quick look at his most notable accomplishments is all you need to get the point:

Win a college football national championship: Check.

Win the Heisman Trophy: Check.

Win another college football national championship: Check.

Play in the NFL: Check.

Sign a lucrative broadcasting deal with ESPN: Check.

Write not one, but four New York Times bestsellers: Check, Check, Check and Check.

Found a beloved non-profit organization: Check.

Produce an independent film: Check.

Host a hot new TV series on CBS: Check.

Tebow has been checking things off his mind-blowing to do list like a middle-aged man churning through his weekend chores. Forget the fact that he still hasn’t quite reached one of his latest goals—to play on a Major League Baseball roster (he has most recently worked his way up to the New York Mets’ AAA affiliate in Syracuse and is expected to make the big leagues at some point this season).

It’s plausible (but not usually possible) for an elite athlete to play at the highest level in two sports like Tebow is attempting to do. But it’s the last two things on his checklist that has turned heads of late.

Earlier this spring, Tebow joined his brother Robby as an executive producer on the independent film “Run The Race.” The low-budget movie managed to bring in over 6 million at the box office and helped Tebow add his name to other iconic sports stars like Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant that have jumped into the production business.

Admittedly, getting into that cutthroat world his wasn’t exactly something Tebow had ever thought much about doing until he first heard about “Run The Race.”

“I think it has to do with the story,” Tebow explained to CBN. “My goal was never honestly to get into the movie industry. And it’s still not, really. It was more about being able to tell the story. When we read the script, it impacted me. I was crying and I showed it to my family and they were crying.”

The movie is about two brothers sharing a parallel athletic journey—something to which he and his brother Robby could comfortably relate. Family has always been at the center of everything Tebow does and remains a great source of inspiration.

“I’ve been fortunate to have family members, coaches and teammates around who help me stay focused on the right things for me to be successful,” Tebow said in a previous SCENES Media article. “Seeing how my parents have raised us and provided everything we can possibly need is a comforting feeling. I have been so blessed to have an amazing support group and knowing how passionate they are about God and their children has inspired me.”

Most recently, Tebow (host) joined forces with Los Angeles Lakers megastar LeBron James (executive producer) on the CBS series “Million Dollar Mile,” an action-packed show where competitors are given the chance to win a million dollars if they can complete a one-mile urbanized obstacle course while outrunning skilled athletes referred to as “Defenders.”

“The biggest fear I had was losing my voice because that’s how much I was yelling and getting hyped for the competitors,” Tebow told Mental Health Magazine. “There were so many amazing finishes. It’s life-changing for some people to win.”

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