Is This Singer Better Than Ariana Grande?

Hear the 12-year old who is giving the “thank u, next” singer a run for her money…

Coming out of Tampa, Florida is a singer/songwriter with an unforgettable voice and something to say. And, by the way, she is 12. Her name is Cloe, and she is just getting started.

Cloe is no ordinary pre-teen, she has seized upon a few admirable causes that add a depth and purpose to her developing mastery: Cloe is a champion for mental health and accepting one’s self, flaws and all. This talented young artist is writing and recording music, and it is set to roll out over the next year. In the meantime, however, Cloe has treated us to a cover of Ariana Grande’s “breathin'” This bright young light’s giftedness shines through every second of the performance.

When we asked about her approach to songwriting and what inspires her, Cloe told SCENES Media:

“The youth is sad, and I’m a part of that. I’m sharing my emotions and my darkness with those who I know feel it too. I want my music to be a sanctuary for people who feel lost, because I am too … I think we all are.”

From her cover of Ariana Grande’s “breathin'” it is clear that Cloe’s tonal depth and vocal depth are amazing beyond her years. But the cover raises the question: could she, possibly, be even better than Ariana Grande? We are making the firm statement that this prodigious beauty is at least a legitimate contender. But SCENES wants to hear from you: can she pull off the effortless melismas? The trademark Ariana warm tones? The four-octave range? This is one artist we are set to follow, but let us here at SCENES know what you think: is Cloe even better than Ariana Grande…? Could she be the next Ariana?

Stay up to date on the latest from Cloe:

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