Wine or Whiskey: SCENES Live Sessions Brings you Natalie Stovall’s Latest

Exclusively from SCENES Media: Live Sessions features Natalie Stovall's latest amazing song: Wine or Whiskey.

Natalie Stovall is back with a beautiful new song, “Wine or Whiskey.”

Wine or Whiskey is a melancholy song in classic country music fashion: it is not as much as a love song as it is a lament about a mercurial boyfriend and a love that has faded behind the metaphoric choices in life.

“Am I pulling you in or letting you go? Shooting it down or sipping it slow?”

Natalie Stovall brings the poetry home with her stunning voice that hits, once again, all the right notes, in terms of sound and the power of her words.

“What time of night is it going to be?” Stovall’s music makes it a better one, in any case.

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